66 million repressed LIE – Soviet GULag HOAX by Solzhenitsyn – Putin includes in school program

Now, our story with raising attention to Tolstoy’s work now hit an interesting point. Trolls were assigned to divert this interest from Tolstoy to Solzhenitsyn. It may seems strange what these two can have in common? Well, they are just the opposites – while Tolstoy teaches people to love, Solzhenitsyn instills fear. That’s what the Elites after.

So, let’s turn out attention to Solzhenitsyn, hah? Who he was and why the Elites need to bring him up now?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is best known for this novel Gulag about forced labor camp system in Soviet Union. GULag stands for Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps, allegedly used for political repressions.

1. What’s in the name?

Curiously enough, SoLZHEenitsyn name itself is rooted form the word LIE – “lzhe”, or “Solzhe” mean “to lie” in Russian. It’s a good start for our investigation because as you might already no, there are few co-incidents, especially when you’re a person with awaken consciousness.

2. In his own words.

The best way to analyze writing  is to read it. With Gugag book, it’s just too easy to spot its flaws. You’ll have to turn pages after pages before you can find any meat in it. Solzhenitsyn is just ranting about a hypothetical repression in general. Our take on this – author is just instilling fear in a reader. He draws numerous scenarios, at home, on streets, in the theatre, at the washroom… – just to make his point that a person who disagrees with authorities can’t be safe anywhere. And if this person is not afraid – then his relatives must influence him.

Solzhenitsyn’s watery writing style reminds the words of Arthur Schopenhauer: “There are two kinds of authors: those who write for the subject’s sake, and those who write for writing’s sake. The second kind writes for money.” And that’s exactly what Solzhenitsyn’s done.

Another thing that stands out is the use of occult numbers, based on favorite by Freemasons numerology or gematria. This book is full of them!

  • 11 years Solzhenitsyn spent in the camp
  • 36 writers provided material for the book…

In his storytelling, Solzhenitsyn chews on and on the process of arrest. There’s no compassion here, but, on the contrary – a sadistic attitude of a maniac dwelling on the misfortunes of people:

“Each of us is the center of the universe, and the world creation is shattered when you’re hissed: “you’re arrested!” “But the ones with the shut brain are unable to perceive these displacements of the world creation…”

“And you find nothing to answer on this, except for the bleating of a lamb: I? For what? … ”

These downgrading remarks toward arrested – such as “the shut brain are unable to perceive”, or “bleating of a lamb” – doesn’t sound like coming out of a person with a good heart, or who would go through these trials himself at all. This is just another HOAX.

Solzhenitsyn goes so crazy with imagination in this fiction, that examples become lunatic like this:

“In their search, they were not lazy to stir up 2 tons of manure…” – And this is supposed to impress a reader? Or “three YOUNG KGB officers foraged in her bed” – where I digress; still strange what they were doing there, why their young age should be stressed in the book, and why they were 3 of them again – another favorite masonic figure.

That’s all about his style. You’ve got the picture of this so called brilliant work of literature.

3. “Facts” Solzhenitsyn brings up.

Solzhenitsyn, not being a historian, brought up a figure of 66 million victims of repression. Again, this number 66-Masonic refers to men of unawakened consciousness. But most importantly – these numbers are horrendous lies.

According to historians, the recalculated the number of persons sentenced to death for political reasons, for all the years of Soviet power, from 1918 to 1990, did not exceed 815 579 people. Even if believe these numbers, they are far less than 66 millions claimed by Solzhenitsyn, don’t you think?

Video clip shows – Viktor N. Zemskov, PhD, researcher at the Institute of Russian history, Russian Academy of Sciences, researcher of political repression in the USSR:

“At the beginning of 1980, the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, established the Commission which calculated the following.

According to the consolidated statistics available at the place of registration of archival funds of the former KGB, now the FSB, for the entire Soviet period, 1918-1990s years inclusive, 3 million 854 thousands of people were convicted, of whom 828,000 were sentenced to death.

But “stats” that media prefers to bring to the multi-million audience – are of false nature, sometimes even up to hundreds of millions. Except for the statistical quackery, we do not know what to call it.”

4. How story of Solzhenitsyn develops

Now, Internet is full of articles criticizing Solzhenitsin. But here’s the catch again. In what? In that the represent him as a traitor of the motherland – allegedly for money having sold the honor of Russia to foreigners, by letting them know the dirty details of Russian communistic history.

What takes place here is another fabricated conspiracy theory thrown to people to mislead away from truth again.

Is that really the problem? Was it truly a pure interest of the West to tarnish the reputation of Russia? And how this version of “truth” so-exists with current events of injecting the books of Solzhenitsyn in the school curricula by Putin – instead of Tolstoy, in particular?

Video shows Putin confirming the change in the school program:


– You suggested to include the most famous work of Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn’s “the Gulag Archipelago” in the school curriculum.

– And it seems to me, it was you who suggested that.

– Well, the idea was still yours, hmm… in the beginning, I remember, you on the phone said … The decision is taken. It took place…

Look at the confusion in the video – Putin tries to dump the responsibility for including of this obvious collection of lies in the program of kids indoctrination, he feels uncomfortable knowing that he does the evil thing. The woman, even in the position of a subordinate, is not afraid to correct him because he tells the lie, and she, too, feels uncomfortable, realizing what a harmful affect will this historic decision be for the consciousness of the children, and she does not want to be responsible for it. She corrects Putin. And Putin instinctively nodding, because she’s right, of course, this decision came from the most top of the government, however, Putin, continuing to fidget, continues to lie, making up the story with a phone call. He clearly could not decide whether to follow his own conscience, which shouts in him to be truthful, and yet remains a slave to his social status and continues to commit sins against humanity.

So, why push this book onto children? Some people say, to use as an “anti-Soviet horror story so that children didn’t grow on their own.” This answer is close, but not exact. Yes, it’s done to intimidate people. Except its scope is not necessarily anti-Soviet – fear is used to intimidate population of all countries at all times. Although the today’s authorities and do not mind denigrate their predecessors so that their own work looks better in comparison. But the main thing is – to keep their people in fear in general – and then you can do with them whatever you want. If people are afraid of Soviet repressions, they will make the necessary links in their heads and relate them to the modern authorities, and hopefully will try to avoid anything that could cause an unwanted attention. Why to be afraid? And you can only fear for your body. Again, this just diverts people’s attention from the true purpose of a human, which is not in the care of the own body, which is degrading daily anyway, but the meaning is in the birth of the consciousness and the development of morality, so that by the end of earthly life the human consciousness is ready to move it to a new, higher state. But the development of the consciousness makes people fearless. And it’s terribly dangerous to the authorities and their status. Therefore, all governments, at all times, as long as they exist, have been and are doing the same thing – invent ways to terrorize the population. And build those fears on the sand. As a result, people fears of what doesn’t even exist.

As Lev Tolstoy beautifully described, the consciousness of humanity is constantly growing in time. By now, the authorities have realized that they don’t benefit from physical execution of people. In damaging people, the authorities would only create more problems to themselves than would find benefits. So lately they prefer to artificial cause passions in the minds of people. They make up events that didn’t actually take place, and influence masses as if these events were real. The same happened with the books by Solzhenitsyn.

5. Conclusion

This is all we wanted to say here today. The main thing is that we would like you to take from this video is:

Video clip shows Nikolai Starikov saying:

– This is just an informational ideological battle!

Therefore, do not be afraid of anything because

1) your body is not worth to be afraid for, but you need to think about the purpose of your life, which is in the growth of your soul, and nobody can damage your souls, if you’re on the right path;

2) hardly premeditated murders are taking place these days, or have taken place in the past on this scale as they exaggerate them in dozens of times! It turns out, the fear of people is being built from on air. This is the most important thing you need to remember.

3) so, stay alert – authorities are making every effort to keep masses in fear. Don’t believe them, do not believe the media. Be wise, read the best, read Leo Tolstoy, who is one of the few who can be trusted 100%.

We wish you, our dear friends, don’t be like the liars as Solzhenitsyn and Putin, who do not want to recognize themselves what they’re doing – actually betraying their brothers, destroying their souls, by instilling fears, humiliation, depression, and the resulting from that sins and calamities. Don’t sell your soul – there’s nothing human that’d be worth it! Take care of your contributions before that One who sent you to this earthly life and go after the imaginary merits of the bandits of this world!

Final in video clip:

“I reward you with the Highest class order – the white cross of the Traitor of first degree!”

Be sure to pass this exam of your life with dignity, and be happy!

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