An Indian and an Englishman – by Lev Tolstoy

(The true story)

The Indians during war have captured a young Englishman, tied him to a tree and wanted to kill him.

The old Indian came over and said: “Do not kill him, give him to me”.

They gave him.

The old Indian has untied the Englishman, brought him to his hut, fed and put him to sleep.

The next morning the Indian told the Englishman to follow him. They walked for a long time, and when they came close to the English camp, the Indian said:

“Your people have killed my son, I saved your life; go to your people and keep killing us.”

The Englishman was surprised and said: “Why are you laughing at me? I know that my people have killed your son: so kill me, hurry”.

Then the Indian said: “When they were going to kill you, I remembered about my son, and I felt sorry for you. I am not laughing: go to your people and kill us, if you want to”. And the Indian has let the Englishman go.

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