Authority Informs: All Churches are the Governmental Apparatus to Hide God. Tolstoy Was Right

V.A. Yefimov gives this lecture at FSB (Russian’s Federal Security Service) meeting:

How the creation works? This is the biggest mystery, hidden from humanity, and very big money work for it.

The truth is there is Supreme Intelligence upon us, One for all creatures on Earth. Our body is a temporary container for the soul. This is the truth for “initiates”.

And what’s for the crowd? The crowd is taken down to this level.

1) Materialistic atheism says there is nothing – neither God nor messengers, except for the material world. You just eat and sleep, that’s all to life.

2) second kind of lies – idealistic atheism – is the substitution of true understanding of God, the Supreme Mind, with a surrogate: to some – throw Christ as God, to second – Allah, to third ones – anyone else. For what? To set up people against each other in wars. You won’t find any military conflict, which would not have been built on this. These got – Allah, these – Christ; these are Huguenots, so to speak, these are Catholics. What for? Why Church helps implementing all of this? Just to set up the entire nations against each other.

The job of the churches as the Institute for political control and manipulation of public consciousness

The job of the churches as the Institute for political control and manipulation of public consciousness, is to impose on people the idea not about true God, common to all living on Earth and the creator, uniting all people, – shove to each group of people some surrogate, a doll-God, one doll – for one people, another to another. And what is it for? In order to implement the basic Biblical principle – divide and conquer!

In the field of Christianity alone were created up to four thousand conflicting contradicting each other notions and sects. Four thousand! Just think about it! Here it is: the divide and conquer!

If only to clear the Bible from those malicious distortions that were introduced in it. You know that after Christ everything was rewritten in nonsense such as Christ is God. But during his life it would be hard to push it through. Over 300 years is gone. At the Nicene Ecumenical Council, by vote, it was decided that Christ is God.

Christ was the Messenger!

The Kingdom of God Is Within each

Each person is given the ability to communicate directly with God. But to prevent people to come to this relationship, they are shoved a surrogates.

What are the Churches, of any religions – Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc.? All churches are designed to conceal the true views of the creation, or the higher Mind.

A man originally from birth reaches for something. He realizes that there is something else, somewhere in the world. What is this? He tries to make sense of it. And he is told: “Oh, that’s what you’re looking? So come to me!” The Churches are brokers.

The closer one to the Church – the farther he away from God. And if a person wants to really understand something in the universe, then it must look outside the Church.

Well, it just can’t be possible that a man believes directly to God, and at the same time he would belong to some kind of Church hierarchy. These are just the opposite. Because godless apotheosis is a Church.

Leo Tolstoy, who understood these things, described all of this quite colorfully. I have here, by the way, a newspaper which brings up works by Lev Tolstoy’s on this subject.

P.S. Works of Leo Tolstoy are essential for thorough understanding of the Universal Truth

You’ve just watched the closed session in the Russian’s Federal Security Service, which was put out on Internet by some kind people.

Don’t get us wrong – this old communist party member and a senior government advisor, did not glorify Leo Tolstoy, but, to our great surprise, could not resist not to mention genius, who perceived the mysteries that elites hide all the ages. Comrade Efimov, although squeezed Tolstoy’s name, he couldn’t like him, as Tolstoy ruthlessly exposed all the governmental structures with their lies.

Actually, Tolstoy was threatened to be kill during his lifetime. And even now, for over a hundred years, they are making every effort to erase the memory of him. His name is not found on libraries nor the streets in Russia, and the school program doesn’t include virtually anything of his 90 volumes of beautiful and easy-to-understand books, each of which is like food for the soul, filled with beautiful and clear morality. And now, when we are only half a year ago have opened real Tolstoy for ourselves and felt the same spirit of the God in us, about which Tolstoy wrote, we are now making every effort to share this wealth of knowledge with all the people, and now the rulers of the world attack us in every way – closed 11 of our accounts on, shut us down on Facebook, YouTube, four our consecutive accounts were closed on Russian “Odnoklassniki” site. On our blog, we’ve recorded many facts of the political censorship of the work of Leo Tolstoy.

And suddenly – after all the efforts not only to overcome the censorship, but also obstacles related to the perception of many people – who were hesitant to believe in the importance of work by Tolstoy. -and now, after all this experiences, – we are happy to catch on word the representative of the occult power itself, which hides Tolstoy from people – and therefore we emphasize that these words by the mister Efimov are priceless! Let’s listen them one more time.

We must also note that though mister Efimov knows from the primary source that churches serve the governments, and that they are serving #1 goal ever – to hide God from the “uninitiated” masses. But they, occultists, authorities, oppressing people and constantly coming up with new ways of enslavement, they’re delusional in thinking that they’re moving closer to God. The Spirit of God is, the way we all feel, is love and truth. But these builders of the human governments have neither of these two essential qualities in them.

We highly advise you to read Leo Tolstoy. We’ve yet to see another individual in the world equal to him in this regard.

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