Bloomberg Global News LIVE Chat – faking news – blocking Truth

Bloomberg Global News LIVE pushes their own propaganda on masses, have deleted all our messages – our attempt to spread truth – about government, our declaration of independence and refusal to pay taxes to government, churches hiding God, and world-wide military conspiracy against people.

You can see on the screenshot below how our messages (sent from the window on the right) were made deleted for the rest of audience (on the left), with a “dead man” threat by the troll named “Angela Nguni”:

While you can visit any chat/site and see unlimited propaganda messages seeding lies and de-railing people from truth – anything from Russia’s influence in US politics (a hoax played on the nerves of masses) to other made-up stories influencing minds to fear, desperation, hatred to each other – those messages are alive and well on all sites!

Instead, today’s example clearly shows what “authorities” do not want people to know – the truth behind all their propaganda. People, wake up! Make your own research. Search our blog for more information.

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7 thoughts on “Bloomberg Global News LIVE Chat – faking news – blocking Truth

  1. So much to learn. Slava–You have done so much work in putting all of this together. The more I learn the more I think our countries are alike. A global mind influence–but why? Small minded emotionally empty people needing to imprison the world to feel like BIG people? …………Give me animals and flowers and a babbling brook instead of power any day…………The power hungry people here are so horrible. Thank you for all that you are doing. ………Mimi

    1. Thank you Mimi! Your words are touching our hearts. Yes, the thirst for power is an addiction. Their lifestyle is so precious to them so they’re desperate to keep everybody in deception – it can’t be otherwise – because once they stop bombarding people with their lies, people will wake up. And people will wake up, sooner or later, because by design humans have the Spirit of God in us which guides us, and it’s stronger than any human wicked efforts. We’ll just have to help everybody to see the current “matrix” world for what it is.

      1. Tolstoy’s truth is a clear truth that is not politically motivated. So often preachers will use politics and religion to further their political views. Tolstoy -(and others) gives satisfaction to my mind and soul–food for the soul in a world that so often leaves us feeling empty.

        1. I’m so glad you understood the value of Tolstoy! That’s what this world is missing now – the morals, in every piece of art (a movie, book, song, pictures, anything).
          If only every art had true (not perverted) morals in it, how would it feed our hearts! Otherwise they leave us empty and unsatisfied.
          Because that’s what kids and us-adults need most of all – the direction on “how to live”. But instead we are carried away with sciences, chores, while staying ignorant in what’s the most important for our life.

    1. Thank you Mimi for your concern, but we don’t believe in “legal” justice, just don’t see it working – it’s flawed and it’s fake – and can’t be other – who are the judges?
      The strongest weapon can only be the change in public opinion. And that’s what we do – spread the truth. When more people know the truth, then that minority (ruling the world) will not be able to do anything like this.

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