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Works by Leo Tolstoy

  1. Too Expensive” – A true story written by Leo Tolstoy (based on a tale by Guy de Maupassant) In brief: A murder was committed in Monaco king’s domain. They condemned the criminal to have his head cut off but didn’t have a guillotine nor an executioner. To borrow a machine was too expensive. They decided to sentence him for life. Gave him a guard to keep & bring food. It came out not cheap, either. They decided to get rid of him. He said he had nowhere to go & it wasn’t fair. They had to offer him a pension. That’s how the matter was settled. Read it in full, it’s funny.
    [Download in pdf, epub, azw3]
  2. Love each other – “When people live everyone for himself, they cannot avoid taking away from each other, fighting, getting mad at each other, and so their life can’t not to be unhappy. For life to be a blessing as intended, people need to understand that our real life is not in our body, but in that spirit which lives in our body…” Tolstoy
  3. Trust Yourself

  4. To God or to Mammon? – There is an old story about a monk who lost a bet to the devil. The devil gave the monk a choice of three crimes: murder, fornication, or drunkenness. The monk chose drunkenness, thinking that’s the lesser evil and he’d harm only himself. But when the liquor took over him, he lost control of his reason, went to the village and yielding to temptation of a woman committed adultery with her, and then murdered her husband in self-defence… “Let us understand that in the matter of consuming alcohol there is no half way & we must choose between two – serving God or serving mammon.” Tolstoy
  5. Flow of Water – In this parable, Tolstoy compares a teaching with a flow of water, which also from the beginning of the world was flowing without stop for us. And so we should pass it to our descendants, and so on, until the end of the world.

  6. The Overthrow of Hell and Its Restoration by Leo Tolstoy – (“Разрушение ада и восстановление его”)
    In this is legend, satirical story, Tolstoy gave deep true characteristic of existing social structure, people’s confusions about religious beliefs and other prejudices, confusions about morals and discerning of what’s “right” and “wrong” – all described from the point of view of characters of devils from hell.
    [Download in pdf, epub, azw3]
  7. Five Tricks of Religious Deception

  8. Time to Come to Your Senses!

  9. Why Moses’ “my people” such wrong idea

  10. Leo Tolstoy’s Response to the Synod and to Letters Received in Regards to Their Edict

  11. Resolution of Their Holiness Synod in Regards to Leo Tolstoy, February 20-22, 1901

  12. The Irony of the Modern Christianity, Briefly

  13. Five Commandments of Jesus Christ
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Destruction of Hell and Its Restoration by Leo Tolstoy

(A Legend)

[Download it in pdf, epub, azw3]


It was at the time when Christ opened to people his teaching. That teaching was so clear, and it was so easy and was so obviously going to liberate people from the evil that it was impossible not to accept it, and nothing could keep it from spreading around the whole world. And Beelzebub, the father and Lord of all devils, was alarmed. Continue reading Destruction of Hell and Its Restoration by Leo Tolstoy

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Love Each Other – by Leo Tolstoy

The video above is just an illustration of Leo Tolstoy's will - for us to love each other, everybody.
And below is the wonderful Leo Tolstoy's book called "Love Each Other". Enjoy your reading! We love you all!

I would like, before I go, (as in my age every meeting with people is a farewell) briefly tell you how, in my understanding, people should live, so that our life would not be an evil and grief as it seems to the most people now, but it would be what God wants and what we all want, that is a blessing and joy, which it should be. Continue reading Love Each Other – by Leo Tolstoy

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Too Expensive by Leo Tolstoy

 The True Story, Based on a Tale by Guy de Maupassant

[Available for download in pdf, epub, azw3]

There is a little, tiny, kingdom called Monaco between France and Italy, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. There are less inhabitants in this kingdom than in some big village – only seven thousand. And the land, if divided among the citizens, wouldn’t exceed an acre per soul. But the king in this kingdom is real. And he has a palace, and courtiers, and ministers, and bishops, and generals, and an army. Continue reading Too Expensive by Leo Tolstoy

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To God or to Mammon? – by Leo Tolstoy

“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”—Luke xvi. 13.

“He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathers not for me scatters abroad.”—Matthew xii. 30.

Enormous areas of the very best lands – by which millions of now poverty-stricken families might be fed – are taken with tobacco, vineyards, barley, hemp, and especially rye and potatoes, – grown to produce intoxicating beverages: wine, beer, and especially vodka. Continue reading To God or to Mammon? – by Leo Tolstoy

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Flow of Water – A Parable by Leo Tolstoy

Once students found Confucius by the river. The teacher was sitting on the shore and was looking closely at the water, observing how it ran.

Students were surprised and asked:

  • “Teacher, what’s the use to observe how water flows? There’s nothing special in it, that’s how it always was and will be”.

Continue reading Flow of Water – A Parable by Leo Tolstoy

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Battle for Your Mind 2 – Persuasion Techniques

The first successful brainwashing was applied to the Christians.

What they do for religious or political brainwashing is work on the emotions until they reach an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement, or nervous tension. This results in impaired judgement and increased suggestibility. They intensify this condition until reach catharsis, which makes mental takeover easier. Then they replace the existing mental state with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Continue reading Battle for Your Mind 2 – Persuasion Techniques

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Battle for Your Mind 1 – Televised Revivalism

“In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed.”
– from “The Battle For Your” by Dick Sutphen

If you feel any TV, YouTube, or other show program became so irresistible to you that you have to come every day and watch it, – you are hooked up and brainwashed already.


Any study of brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalism in eighteenth century America. Continue reading Battle for Your Mind 1 – Televised Revivalism

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