Drink Dandelion Smoothie Every Day to Cleanse Your Body from Toxins

Hello friends,

Just wanted to step aside from spirituality and truth seeking and share with you a decent reliable remedy for your physical bodies to clean up from all garbage and toxins. As we still have to take care of our carnal bodies, it’s better to do what’s optimal in this domain, too, right?

The other day I took some pictures of Chemical Trails above our home look at these horrendous chemical wastes they throw on our heads from the airplanes almost every day now… They’re pretty toxic – I had headache and throat ache after I stood outside during spraying. Look what they’ve done with the blue sky!

Well, what can we do with them? Get a Stinger rocket launcher and shoot them all? I guess that wouldn’t be a Christian way…

So, what we found working fine on us is to drink Dandelion Green Smoothie, every day for breakfast, sometimes twice a day and we love it so much that can’t be without it, it’s so refreshing! We heard it even cleared addictions for others – without changing diet, just by drinking it every day for 4 weeks! Victoria Boutenko (“The Raw Family”) in her book “Green Smoothie Revolution” brought up a lot positive testimonials as a result of their experiments. People’s tastes and food habits have changed for so much better!

By the way, remember to watch our video “FSB Choice of Genetic Weapons” hope you’ll reconsider the use of any alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, with the help of the Green Smoothie. Find this video on our blog “EarthlyFireFlies.org“.

So, here’s how we make our smoothie. It consists of 3 components: dandelions, bananas, and liquid.

  1. For the liquid you can use water but we use our home-brewed Kombucha.
  2. Dandelions we just collect around our house every morning.
  3. And then we add 5 or 6 bananas.

By the way, we get bananas from the Food Terminal, in Toronto. I’m sure you can find similar wholesale options in your area.

That’s it. Blend it, and drink! This portion is for two people.

This drink is packed with vitamins, and will definitely cleanse your body from toxins. It can take time, maybe a year or two, but you’ll be amazed! Happy cleansing!

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Love you all!

P.S. They definitely don’t want you to be healthy – I’ve just tried to share this video on LiveLeak.com – and they rejected it right away!

They at LiveLeak.com definitely don’t want you to be healthy!

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