Facebook Blocks my 3rd Account for Reading/Sharing Leo Tolstoy writing

My story with Facebook was short. I opened an account about a month ago, shared a few videos we made exposing hoaxes etc. – and they immediately blocked me, demanding my cell phone number. At that time I didn’t want to be that private with them. Opened another account. Connected with a couple of people – and they blocked me again. Since then I didn’t use Facebook. Today, my wife Olga got blocked by Facebook after sharing Lev Tolstoy’s book Patriotism and Christianity. She asked me to login with my account and notify readers that she can’t access Facebook – and it’s uncertain whether it’ll take a day or more or ever for Facebook to “identify” her again and let her in.

So, I tried to access one of my old Facebook account, ready to give up my phone number, anything they want – only to discover that they not only “blocked” but now completely disabled my account. Tried my second account – the same situation. So, I signed up again, created a brand new Facebook account. Only I got in, and “liked” Lev Tolstoy page – I got the message (see screenshot here) saying Facebook “noticed unusual activity” from my account. How am I supposed to interpret this? I only did 2 actions: signed up and visited “Lev Tolstoy” page. Is that unusual? Suspicious? Provocative? Illegal? Criminal? Wow…

P.S. OK, I just thought I’ll give them my cell phone number, I hoped to get quick a message from Facebook with verification code and quickly log back in. Not so easy. This time Facebook really treat us like “criminals” – take the long way: they require my photo now. This means I’m blocked for much longer time and can’t even send any messages for now. I’ll keep you posted here how the situation will unroll.

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One thought on “Facebook Blocks my 3rd Account for Reading/Sharing Leo Tolstoy writing

  1. Slava, this is so unfortunate for our country. Free thought blocked? …unfortunate for the world. Things from my account have been delegated also. How can truth be offensive? I do not understand that mind.

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