Google teases with Flat Earth model and Nansen passport

We found an interesting image on Google Search today.

Notably, it reminded us of three interesting moments.

  1. It shows clearly a model of Flat Earth
    1. see Dome above it
    2. the Sun is within this Dome
    3. Both moon and Sun are visible at the same time – which would be strange for the Globe model – at least one of them – Sun on Moon – was supposed to be on the other side of the globe?
  2. Interesting is the middle letter of Google is replaced with a 5-edged stare – Soviet-era communistic logo. This is a very likely hint on Russia’s intent to dominate the world again. See our videos “The GodFather Today” and “Trancework 4 – World Hypnotic Conspiracy”. Russian do apparently control Google and squeeze their propaganda here. The Communist Party star here likely points to the real homeland of the conspiracy against humanity.
  3. Useful information on Fridtjof Nansen – whose birthday Google commemorates today, October 10th.
    Image in the middle reminds that Nansen’s team first crossed the Greenland in 1888, on cross-country skis.
    Nansen’s another expedition was to reach the North Pole. And it’s questionable whether he was able to achieve that goal.
    But the most notable his achievement is introduction of a Nansen type passports, officially stateless persons passports – which we all should strive for – to become stateless people, or people of Earth, and stop dividing into jail-like sections and subgroups with constantly inflamed opposition against each other!

    The deceitful doctrine of state is regarding yourself as connected with the people of one nationality, or one state, separated from the people of other nations and the other states. Tolstoy, “Superstition of the State”

    People may be deprived of their liberty even in the absence of the state, but people belonging to the state cannot have freedom.. Tolstoy, “Superstition of the State”

    The main evil of the government is in the destruction of love and in inspiring of the separation between people. Tolstoy, “Superstition of the State”

    People think the government keeps army only for protection from external attacks, but they forget that government needs troops primarily for defense against their own suppressed & enslaved citizens. Tolstoy, “Superstition of the State”

    The inhabitants of Earth are still brought up in the belief that there are peoples, borders, banners, as if all this was more important than the consciousness of humanity. Tolstoy, “Superstition of the State”

    What is more absurd than the right of man to kill me because he lives on the other side of the river, or because his ruler is at loggerheads with mine, even though I didn’t plan to quarrel with him?. Pascal

    The state is a temporary establishment & must disappear. Sword & rifle, weapons of our time, will eventually be shown in museums like rarity, just as instruments of torture are shown. Crosby

    A man, a true Christian, cannot be a member of a society which has army and military institutions.
    A Christian must not support an official or participate in his election, who, by swearing in the name of God, binds himself to commit the deeds of murder and violence. Adin Ballou

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