Iconic Soviet actor & bard Vladimir Vysotsky – his both life and funeral were hoaxes

1. Vladimir Vysotsky – who is he?

[Читайте и смотрите на русском: Владимир Высоцкий обманул миллионы и своей жизнью, и смертью]

Vladimir Vysotsky. What we know about him?

An author of 600 songs, actor – whom everybody knew, who was named in Russia to be the “first” idol of the 20th century after Yuri Gagarin; his funeral was as big as of Stalin.

He was named:”the real asset of the USSR! The man, whose cult is with the people after 30 years after his death.

People trusted him even in questions of morality! Someone wrote a comment on YouTube: “He was true talent and asset of the Soviet Union… Nobody had such sincerity! The memory of him be forever in our hearts.

He was considered to be a representative of simple people, a dissenter, was supposedly banned by the government, from which suffered a lot. He supposedly died from grief, drinking and heart failure. But his biography is filled with contradictions between his fabricated image and the facts.

So let’s look at the facts. Start with the most recent events.

2. How to explain the death of Vladimir Vysotsky in 1980, and his role in a movie 30 years after?

In 2011, 30 years after his funeral, a movie was released with a meaningful title “Vysotsky- thank you for being ALIVE“. It was disturbing to hear his genuine voice, and see his body figure. It was obvious that Vysotsky played Vysotsky, who was supposed to be buried in the 80th.

So, only a year after the film, to dispel the rumors, in a TV show, actor Sergey Bezrukov takes the responsibility for playing Vladimir Vysotsky. Although, during his confession, his eyes are rolling, chest is shaking in anxiety, he bites his lip in a sign that he is hiding the truth and is hunted by his conscience. The behavior is clearly inadequate, he looks embarrassed, not like his usual self – joyful Bezrukov. On the other hand, we see that officially it’s shown in the captions that actually Vladimir Vysotsky played in the movie.

How to resolve this contradiction? Which truth would you choose? A comedy show, a squeezed word said with embarrassment, or the official film version? And, remember, this isn’t a question of “either/or” – both of them played in the movie – Vysotsky, and Bezrukov!

– What are we trying to say? That Vysotsky death was a hoax? – That’s right!

– But this is unheard of! – Well, actually, this is not an isolated case in history. It turns out, very many celebrities fabricate their own deaths and thus revive public interest and collect a lot of money, while themselves – just hide, i.e., retire.

3. Can a death be a hoax?

A striking example is singer David Bowie, known for his Space Oddity – stages his own death, and the next day appears on mainstream TV, pretending to be Bowie’s producer.

We knew a lot of celebrities in US and UK have done the same. The question was only – did it take place in Russia? Well, now we can see that the same system is used the everywhere, worldwide.

But, if when a person plays himself in a movie after their own funerals, if this doesn’t freak you out and does not wake you up to the truth, let’s think what the overall chances were of Vysotsky’s dying so young – i.e. let’s figure out what has caused his death.

4. Has he died of poor health or, as he himself claimed, he had the health of a “beast”?

Documentaries and other movies of the last year of Vladimir Vysotsky are just as controversial as his play in the post mortem movie.

It was reported that he had a huge issues with alcohol and even drugs – to the degree that he didn’t have energy to work.

To verify that, I ask you first of all trust your eyes. Does Vysotsky makes an impression of a drunkard or a drug addict? Has anyone ever has seen him being drunk? To both questions the answer is definite: No.

People were told: “He could barely stand on his feet, his kidney gave up, and started heart problems…” An eyewitness tells that “Volodya, right in front of him, was spitting out chunks of his liver”…

And at the same time, just a month before his death, he demonstrates such acrobatics that few can repeat. And he himself, in his poems, brags about having health of a “beast”: “I don’t sleep – my health is as of a beast.”

However, his son, Nikita Vysotsky, tells that his father knew beforehand the exact date of his death. So it means that his departure from the scene was planned. And so the entire last year – in preparation for the departure – Vysotsky finishes his poems, songs, movies, vinyl records, touring around the world.

… Anyway, if you love Vysotsky and ready to you forgive him his staged departure and want to believe in him as a person of morality and representative of you, people, stay tuned!

5. Was he banned or promoted by the government?

So, was he, as they say, “unknown, whom everybody knew

Or banned, to whom was everything allowed?”

We were told that Vysotsky was banned and even persecuted.

At the same time,

  • he had a 1.5 hour solo performance in television “Kinopanorama” in 1980.
    Even in 1972, he has a solo 56-minute performance on Soviet TV, not mentioning:
  • films he played in,
  • production of vinyl records,
  • accompaniment by the whole symphony orchestra

It’s stated that KGB has chased him… But:

It was told that he never received any official recognition” – but it’s not the same thing as to say that “the authorities haunted him».

It turns out that Leonid Brezhnev, the head of state himself, loved Vysotsky – for his songs about war,
and the daughter of Brezhnev adored Vysotsky, and Brezhnev’s family invited Vysotsky to their country-side residence, and even sent his personal limo after him.

His mother said as Vysotsky told to her: “I will go to Breznev’s cottage…”, and how he took a little vinyl record, as a gift, with him… A black vehicle was standing, waiting for him…

His salary of 170 rubles at the theater was not even enough to pay for the rent.

At the same time,

  • he bought an apartment in the most prestigious building in Moscow.
  • The Soviet chess legend Anatoly Karpov has said that in the 1970s, he, Vysotsky, and Soviet Leonid Brezhnev leader owned the only three Mercedes cars in all of Moscow.
  • Vysotsky gave unlimited concerts, was making a lot of money.
  • And even Vysotsky himself said straight: “What I produced – nobody has even allowed that, but nobody has ever banned, either

OK, let’s say he was not poor. But, you say, he was everybody’s favorite in the country, wrote and songs for all everyone!

6. To whom did he sing? Was he a “folks hero”? Or a representative of the authorities? What was his circle like? Freemasons. “Wolves”.

Someone has left this comment on YouTube: “Nobody else had such sincerity at that time.” But doesn’t the concept of “sincerity” imply matching words with deeds? And the story of Vladimir Vysotsky is full of controversies!

We were told that

  • Vysotsky was the “soul of the people”
  • “He expressed that the soul of a man, living in this country”
  • “So he satisfied this spiritual thirst»

Maybe he did satisfy some of the people’s thirst for trust and unity, but not with the water which, as Christ said, can get you satisfied once and for all – i.e. that didn’t do good to people.

As his mother, Nina Maximovna Vysotskaya, said, “it’s an ordinary man cannot read between the lines, to understand what he wanted to say, what did he sing about. He even himself wrote: “thank you, my correspondents that you misunderstood me!

Which means he did not want mere mortals to understand his songs. And that’s what we felt. Because if he really wanted to explain something important, to tell the truth to people, he would have found the form which people would understand, as in particular, Leo Tolstoy did.

To whom, then, he wrote?

Yuri Lyubimov told: “It really was our poet”… “Vysotsky sang about our damn life.” (E. Lurie to Vladimir Vysotsky).

But the closest friend of Vysotsky was Vadim Tumanov, a gold miner, a thief in law, founder of the Masonic “Order of the Eagle”, which became international. And Tumanov essentially ruled over presidents – from Brezhnev to Yeltsin.

Tumanov was one of the leaders of the “Souk” and thieves of the Soviet Union and connected the tops in the Communist Party with criminal world, legalized the stolen from mines of gold through party leaders throughout the country. As a proof that they are very “cool”, the fraudsters showed the list of places where their initiation rituals took place: in the Moscow Kremlin, the Supreme Council, the Russian Federation Council, State Duma. In the hierarchy of the Order of the Eagle Vadim Tumanov was higher than president Yeltsin. Tumanov friends included almost the entire artistic and the party elite of Moscow late 80’s-early 90-ies. And Vysotsky was one of his closest friends.

7. Masonic signature is all over the biography of Vladimir Vysotsky! And other secrets.

We didn’t want to delve here in numerology, but the connection of Vysotsky with Freemasons, apparently, is the reason for the huge number of Masonic signs in his biography, which are hard to ignore. Starting from his verses:

“Don’t look at my young age,
And don’t pick on my youth,
Judas sold Christ in thirty-three,
Well, I’ve been sold in eighteen.» (18 = 6 * 3 = > 666 – is a sign of an incomplete human)

Apparently, that was the beginning of his “career”. Here’s more:

  • He wrote 600 songs
  • His lifetime – between the date of birth and so-called death: 1980-1938 = 42 + 6 months;
    where 42 = > 4 +2 = 6;
    -> so his lifetime corresponds to the number -> 66

Well, enough of that…

It seems also now we’ve got quite enough of the evidences of Vysotsky’s duality. What else can be said? As it turns out, he had some other, personal, secrets.

8. Other secrets of Vladimir Vysotsky

Officially, they insistently told people about how many women Vysotsky had. He had three marriages, plus mistresses. The truth is, he almost never seen his last wife, Marina Vladi, who lived in Paris. Over the past year, his so-called “illness”, she never flew to him from France.

Why all his personal details were so much imposed on public, stressing his passion for “women,” – what can be another reason rather than to hide the opposite?

Because the photography, on the contrary, create totally different impression – of him having much greater interest to men than to women. He looks quite listless with his wife, but lively with his “friends”. Let pictures speak for themselves, comments are unnecessary here.

But that’s fine. In the end, it is his personal life.

Most importantly – is for the artist, who we trust, to carry proper morality, i.e. lead people to the truth, to the fulfillment of the true meaning of human life, which is in the growth of the soul through the manifestation of love toward all.

9. Morality. The role of Vladimir Vysotsky. Influence on the masses. The meaning of life as Vysotsky taught – or his role in the government.

Vysotsky has made a huge impact on the minds of masses of Soviet people! And what is accounted for his moral qualities?

They described him: “It is a story of strive of an uncommon person to freedom.” But – which freedom? And where did he lead people to find the freedom?

After all, the only human freedom rests on his soul. So why did he, despite his masonic enlightenment, lead people AWAY from truth – gave such ill advises to find the “meaning of life” back in material world – in building a house, planting a tree, or even worse – in being a soldier? He knew that all these examples can only lead people to perdition!

It is stated “Vysotsky – is about hell in the soul, about the exhaustion of a human…”

And? How does all that help people to live their lives and, in particular, to answer the most fundamental question everyone asks himself – what is the meaning of life?

Vysotsky, on his interview to the CBS, said that his goal is: “I want my audience to experience a certain nervous tension. I want to impose my opinion on them.»

And, instead of so much needed lessons in morality, it occurs that the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky – are just rubbish put on hypnotizing rhythm of guitar. All his songs can be classified as:

  • Songs about war – propaganda of patriotism and the separation of peoples, leading to hostility & fear,
  • Songs about drinking, altogether with his image of hero-boozer – gave a terrible example to the entire nation to kill their brains with alcohol (and, as they came up later – with drugs)
  • Different, satirical songs, which people could not understand, because they were written rather as a ridicule for “elite” to laugh –
    • about the people as either “mannequins”
    • or the occult character-type as in “number 37”
    • or about people more or less aware of conspiracy committed by rich few against millions – like about patients of Kanatchikova dacha, the psychiatric clinic,
  • or about the Freemasons themselves – as in his favorite song “The hunt after the wolves.” They love to play victims – as in the 6 million victims of the Holocaust or even in so-called 66 million victims of the Gulag, – it became their “mantra”, moving them to keep constant state of fight with the rest, even if it’s an informational war.

And the only thing that we can give him credit for – some sympathy for people, as in verses:

“…I’m lured by the sleepy nation,
Which has swollen from the sleep.”


“You can blame me for anything,
Only I can’t go against myself:
By profession I am an amplifier,
I suffered – but amplified lie.”

But, alas, these rare words were so non-specific, lost among other things, and look more like an excuse – a justification before his own conscience, so they remained incomprehensible to Russian people.

So, Vysotsky

  • Was part of “special”, elite, circles of the authorities and carried out their agenda of brainwashing masses
  • Created an image of folk hero, outlawed by authorities, – which drove a great interest to him in conditions of totalitarian dictatorship and shortage of freedom and morality
  • Hypnotized people with his voice – as someone said about him «None of the singers sang or sings like him – with all the nerves, tendons, dying in each song.” Actually, the timbre of his voice and guitar rhythm had a dramatic mesmerizing effect.
    Psychologists even compare “Vysotsky and Psychodrama are indisputably close phenomena. Contact with the works of Vladimir Vysotsky had always been a spiritual catharsis

So, the plan to keep the masses under the control worked. What was the meaning behind Vladimir Vysotsky stepping into the closet?

10. Why did he leave so early? Other examples of widespread hoaxes.

Vysotsky sang:

I left my business, such a good business
didn’t take anything with me –
left in what I was born
and it’s not like I was desperate,
just it was time to…
cause other businesses appeared from over the Blue Mountain…

It was said that Vysotsky’s funeral were equivalent to Stalin’s.

It was also mentioned it was an early self-removal… “cause other business appeared from over the Blue Mountain» Looks like he become an important man, and outgrew an actor role.

At the same time, he made good fortune by his “death”, because after “death” of a celebrity the sales are soaring. From his mom’s words, he himself said “you had to die, to become recognized»…

I.e., Vladimir, having evaluated his own recognition after his funeral, noticed that, indeed, that was worth dying for”.

It was said that “the decision on the funeral was taken at the highest level of the leadership of the country”…

Clearly, his funeral was planned. And why did they decide to organize it precisely during Olympic Games?

By the way,

  • No outsider was allowed to the apartment. There, prior to the funeral, an artist Yuri Vasiliev takes the mask off his face. (for what? Isn’t it to fake Vysotsky’s face during funeral?)
  • There was no autopsy done – apparently based on the family’s request – which was in violation of all the instructions. And it’s understandable, because there was no corpse.
  • When they’ve put him in the vehicle, then this vehicle with crazy speed flew across Sadovy Ring in Moscow up to the Vagankovskoe cemetery people from the whole city stood on the streets. The vehicle flew about 100 km/hr. Sooner, sooner, sooner, sooner…
  • Buried him on one-two – and that’s it. Guess what they were afraid of?

With his popularity, it was necessary to conduct the funeral as quietly and as fast as possible, to hide the deception. During the Olympics, it was easier to distract people.

So, all the “creative” life of Vladimir Vysotsky, including his death – was a game government played on people’s nerves.

And this is just one case of the widespread deceit! Another Russian actor, Oleg Dal, following Vysotsky’s example, – right on the day of Vysotsky’s funeral, “predicted” that he “will be the next”, a year after, and kept his promise.

Come on, people, just think – how can anybody be so accurate predicting his own death, unless it is planned?

And we used to wonder, how come there are so many co-incidents with the matching numbers, as Vysotsky sang in his song called “number 37”? Why, as he sings, so many people die at exactly 37? Or 42? It turns out, that for Freemasons number 37 is three sevens, “perfect, or enlightened in a spiritual sense,” and the number 42 is a favorite “six” (2 + 4 = 6), also the number of a man, only “balancing his animal life with spiritual.” This is a Masonic foolishness, focusing on the cabalistic system, the so-called “mutual agreement” among them, indicating the “staged event”. The main thing here is these so-called “deaths”, with their encoded numbers – are only pre-planned hoaxes! And they have long become the tradition of Freemasons, in all countries!

Other deaths which were most likely hoaxes:

  • David Bowie, and many in Hollywood…

In Russia:

  • Alexander Pushkin,
  • Sergei Esenin,
  • Vladimir Mayakovsky,
  • Igor Talkov,
  • Victor Tsoi,
  • Vladislav Listiev,
  • Boris Berezovski,
  • Boris Nemtsov,
  • Mikhail Evdokimov…

And that is why Vysotsky sang about these – strange to an outsider – co-incidents – by his song, by the way, we can see, who else’s deaths were most likely hoaxes.

Who finished life tragically – is the true poet,
And if on the exact term, the truly!
At 27 one of them has shot himself (Vladimir Mayakovsky)
The other one – hanged himself in Hotel “Angleter”. (Sergei Esenin)
At number 37, I become instantly sober.
And now, I got a chill of fear.
On this figure Pushkin made up a duel for himself.
And Mayakovsky went his temple on the muzzle.
Stick with number 37? – God is wicked.
He set the question: either-or
At this number ended both Byron and Rimbaud (Arthur Rimbaud)
While the current ones have somehow passed over that limit.

 And someone continued in the memory of Vysotsky:

“At 42 have finished Presley and (Joe) Dassin,
At 42 has finished life Vysotsky.”

Others who fabricated their deaths:

David Bowie, and many in Hollywood

in Russia-

Aleksandr Pushkin,

Sergei Yesenin,

Vladimir Mayakovsky,

Igor Talkov,

Viktor Tsoi,

Vlad Leaves,

Boris Berezovsky,

Boris Nevcov,

Mihail Evdokimov.

But the most appalling in all of this is that they’ve cheated millions of people on main thing – in the meaning of life.

In his “Horses” song, Vysotsky moans at the passing years. But, hanging out with Freemasons, he could not be unaware that to assume your life in the flesh is a mistake! The Freemasons initiation ceremony itself is dying physically to be born spiritually – personifies the meaning and process of the whole human life!

So why Vysotsky put so much emotions into sobbing over passing years? Because, as he himself expressed his goal – “for my audience to EXPERIENCE nervous tension. I want to impose my opinion on them.” In other words, his role was to impose on people certain views – through emotions. And that he successfully did – under the rhythm of his voice and guitar, – under the influence of fabricated 100% trust in him as “their leader, he led people into alpha state, when consciousness is weakened and messages are getting directly to the subconscious mind and become second nature, i.e. where the only protection against deceptions, given to us by God – intelligence, mind analytics, is withdrawn. Namely, the mind must evaluate and filter, what is good and what is bad. And, with Vysotsky, the defense of the consciousness is weakened and emotions move people back to the level of animal instincts.

The consequences of this for the lives of people are following.

First, when people are in dark, do not understand the meaning of happening, they cling to the material, and afraid – and can’t not to fear of anything that might have threatened their animal life. And keeping the masses in fear is a necessary condition for the existence of the elite, who lives at the expense of millions of workers.

And, secondly, in addition to the miserable life in constant fear, – when people clinging to their bodies, in their ignorance, they tend to commit sins-errors that hinder the growth of their spirits. And, having not grown their spirit, they die together with their bodies. This is the main and irreparable TRAGEDY that committed by Vysotsky, to people who believed in him.

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