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Alcohol ruins physical health of people, deteriorates mental capacities, devastates prosperity of the families, but what’s worse, kills the spirit of people and their offspring, and in spite of all this, the consumption of alcohol spreads wider and wider and consequently the numbers of drunkards and alcoholics increase dramatically. The contagious disease entraps more and more people: women, teens, and children drink already. And adults not only prevent this poisoning but, being drunk themselves, encourage it. Both rich and poor think that they can’t be joyful unless they are drunk, they believe that for any important occasion, – funeral, wedding, baptising, departure, or socialising – the best way to express their grief or happiness is to intoxicate themselves and, by their human face they become like animals.

But what’s the most disturbing is that people, who ruin themselves and others due to drunkenness, don’t even know why they’re doing this. Indeed, if anybody asks himself why people drink, he won’t be able give any answer.

  • To say that alcohol is tasty wouldn’t be true because everybody know that wine and beer, if they’re not sweetened, are unpleasant to those who drink them for the first time. People accustom to alcohol, just as to any other poison or tobacco, little by little, and they start liking alcohol only after they get used to that buzz which it produces.
  • To say that alcohol is healthy also wouldn’t be true, as many doctors who researched this field admitted that neither vodka nor wine or beer cannot be healthy because they are not nutritious but only contain poison which is harmful.
  • To say that alcohol adds energy would also be not true because, as it was demonstrated more than once or twice but hundred times, working enterprise of people who drunk on regular basis will produce less than teetotalers. Hundreds and thousands of people can demonstrate that people who drink only water are stronger and healthier than those who drink alcohol.
  • Some say that alcohol makes you warmer, and this is false as well, because everyone knows that a drunk person will get warmer for only a short period of time and he will get frozen rather sooner than a person who didn’t drink.
  • To say that if you drink during funerals, baptisms, weddings, or other social occasions, than you’d think the matter over better also would be not true, because in all these cases one needs not to be stupefied but to have a fresh mind to discuss a deal.
  • You cannot also say that it’s harmful for you to quit alcohol if you have an addiction to it, because we all know that once alcoholics committed crimes got thrown into a prison, they live there without alcohol and only get better.
  • You also cannot say that people wouldn’t have joy without alcohol. It’s true that people will get warmer and more ecstatic from alcohol for short time but both conditions won’t last for long. And just right after a person gets warmer, he’ll shiver even more, so as once he gets more cheerful from alcohol, he’ll become wearied down soon after that. It’s enough to come over to a pub and observe people quarrelling, yelling, weeping, to understand that alcohol doesn’t cheer people up.
  • One cannot also say that the drinking wouldn’t be harmful – everyone knows about the risks that alcohol causes to both body and soul.

And so what? Alcohol isn’t tasty, not nutritious, doesn’t strengthen, doesn’t help in any business, and harmful for body and soul – and yet so many people drink, and the further the more. So why people drink and destroy themselves and others? “Everybody drinks and offers drinks, so I cannot not to drink and not to offer alcohol,” many will answer and, while living among drunkards, these people envision that everyone around them drink and offer alcohol. But this is not true. If a person is a thief, he’ll hang around thieves, and he’ll think that all people are thieves. But as soon as he quits stealing and starts associating himself with honest people, he’ll see that not all are thieves. The same is with drinking.

Not everyone drinks and offers alcohol. If everyone would drink, then the humanity wouldn’t last: all would die; but God wouldn’t allow that: and there always were and are many and many millions of people who don’t drink alcohol and understand that to drink or not to drink isn’t a joke.

If those who sell alcohol conspire against many and want to make the rest people in the world drunk, then it’s time for rational people to understand that they need to unite and fight the evil, so that wicked people wouldn’t be turning them and their children into drunkards. It’s time to come to your senses!

Lev Tolstoy, 1889 – relevant to our days as ever!


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