Soviet Union Gender Hoax in 1944


“Woe unto him, who sets borders on earth and divides peoples. For there are no boundaries in heaven, and there should be none on earth.
And verily I say unto you that all such division is a cause of hatred and strife, whether such division be by borders, or by language, or by faith — it is all one.

And if a man is divided within himself, then he will be filled with the same hatred, and he’ll be in darkness, and he will know no peace.” (Christ in Gospel of Thomas, 61)

We’ve come across this famous soviet fairy-tale movie, “Skeleton the Immortal”, many years after we’ve seen it when we were kids. And only now we’ve noticed something wrong with the main character.

This huge woman Maria Morevna looks like a dude to us. Why? Continue reading Soviet Union Gender Hoax in 1944

Raw vegan cult derails people from true life purpose


The idea for this video came to us after we’ve received new DVD with “Raw – The Documentary” film, which we sponsored over a year ago. It is about the raw vegan food diet which is a growing world-wide movement, and because we had our own 5-months personal experience with it, we feel we need to share and warn people about some of its pitfalls. Continue reading Raw vegan cult derails people from true life purpose