Sandy Hook Hoax – Robbie Parker

Watch the CNN press conference. Pay close attention how it played out. Observe how the “father of the killed girl” (in fact a crisis actor “Robbie Parker”) was faking grieving emotions in this hoax.

Sandy Hook Hoax – Robbie Parker ( from Earthly Fireflies on Vimeo.

Wolf Blitzer, CNN:

“Looks like the family is there and they’re getting ready to come to microphone.”

Robbie Parker:

“So, my name is Robbie Parker. My family is one of the families that lost a child yesterday in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting here, in Connecticut I’ve been contacted by so many people and agencies wanted to know how we’re doing, and I just thought this might be the best way to share those feelings with everybody. First of all, I’d really like to offer our deepest condolences to all the families who were directly affected by this shooting. As we move on from what happened here, what happened to so many people, let it not turn us into something that defines us, but something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate and more humble people. …

We’ve set up a Facebook page to help raise money for Emily, and when I’ve gotten on that and seen number of people, it’s been quite overwhelming.

Wolf Blitzer, CNN:

“Robbie Parker, whose daughter, 6 years old Emily Parker, you see her here, was shot and killed yesterday.”

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