See NASA Live YouTube Channel Is Afraid of Tolstoy!

We’ve got yet another evidence of government hiding Tolstoy’s writings from people!

Hypocrites, they pretend to fairly give everybody freedom of speech… Instead, they do not show our messages to anyone but to us ourselves.

This video demonstrates the proof – we posted a quote by Tolstoy from one YouTube account (Sam Klimov), and this message did NOT show up from another!

This censorship appeared today on all three channels…

Shame on YouTube! They use this deceptive policy repeatedly, LIARS! We warned about this earlier – find our video “How to allow others send you email on YouTube“. Wake up, People! There’s only an illusion of Freedom you have! In fact, you are IN CAGE already!

The reason they take these measures… is because they’re afraid that you might wake up! But you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be afraid of!

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

“Do not fear them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul” – Matt. 10:28

Our life here on Earth is just a little moment of our real, eternal, Spiritual life, and NOBODY is able to take it away from YOU, if you live the righteous life.

The TRUTH is: only a handful, very small elite running the world. They depend on You, but you don’t need them and their governments! And it’s the LIE that you can’t do anything about it!

What they’re preparing for? Isn’t it time to say “ENOUGH” to paying income and property taxes, and choke them? We did – see how “We submitted our declaration of non-obedience to the government“. Best government is no government!

Keeping You Awake,

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