Matrix – How They Fake Shootings and Terror Events like Orlando

We found this video produced by ODD TV, and decided to re-upload it here to let more people see and understand what’s going on behind their backs.

The video starts with a clip from the “Matrix” movie, where Morpheus tells Neo:

“This is the worlds that you know. World as it was at the end of the 20th century. It exists not only as interactive neural simulation that we call the Matrix.

You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo. This is the world as it exists today.”

Voice over:

“Hey guys, ODD TV here. A little more information about this obvious staged shooting aka the Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting. I get a lot of tips in my email and a man sent me a link to this It’s a company that specialized in staged crisis events. Let’s look at the About section of their website.

“Our specially trained professional role-play actors and internationally accredited film crews bring realistic, informed, crisis management and disaster incidents to life

We are able to use specialist film techniques and disciplines to bring the best of theatre and film to our live, immersive simulations.”

  • Crisis Events.
    We rehearse and deliver highly credible, immersive crisis events which we can film and supply as interactive training tools.

Let’s scroll the page down – these are the main positions that run the show:

  • Emergency Services advisor,
  • Behavioural Psychologist​​​,
  • Production Manager,
  • Cohort Wrangler aka people handler

So, come over this website and have a look around! It has everything you need for a staged event, like we’re witnessing in Orlando. I’m not saying this is the exact company, but it’s a company just like it, guaranteed.

Let’s got back to the Home tab of the website, and scroll down… see section Clients & Associates. What’s this? G4S? Isn’t that the company Omar Mateen works for? Yes, it is! So, now we have a HUGE connection to a crisis acting company!

These things are out there, people!

This whole thing has been ripped apart! 100% fake bullshit! Do not fall for this. This is exactly what they want – for you to be

  • upset,
  • sad,
  • and in fear.

I’m trying to help you – call me retarded, all you want – it doesn’t affect me.

Just wake up already!

Before I get out of there, let’s look at the article online that confirms that Omar Mateen is also an actor. Watch my last video before this one if you want more information about this Orlando hoax. Anyway, yes, Omar has been confirmed as an actor.

What are the chances of all these coincidences? It’s just wouldn’t happen. ” – It’ been ODD TV.

Next, the video shows three people carry the fourth one (who was supposed to be injured) right after the “Orlando shooting”. At the end of the sidewalk, they just put him on feet, and it doesn’t hurt him to stand or walk on his own. At the same time, all news scream lies about “people killed & injured during this event”.

Video also shows webpage created to “Support Victims of Pulse Shooting” with already collected $4,603,840 in donations!

Now, the video shows another YouTube Channel, by Richmond Militia, saying, “all of those instances what we’ve talked about:

they are Staged Events, and they’re carried out by the Government, and what folks are hearing on television from talking heads of Zionist-controlled media are complete lies.

This has only to do with the criminal government carrying out nothing but psychological operations against the people.

They chose a Gay Bar to lionize and to promote because they’re pushing forward the Gay Agenda and want to make homosexual appear to be victims in this situation, and make them appear also heroes in this situation.

This is how they do is – they’ll push forward these crazy psychological operations, where the government is staging shootings, and then blame it on the people and act as if everyone has lost their mind, when really it is the government who is psychopathic, and certainly not the people.

The government is controlling by force, which is not the rule of law.

They’re violating article 3 Section 3 of this document, which is TREASON.

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