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By accident – by Lev TolstoyHe returned by 6 am in the morning and went to the washroom as usual, …2017/12/09Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-12-09 23:30:26
On Public Education – by Lev TolstoyPublic education has always and everywhere represented and represents an incomprehensible phenomenon. People want education, …2017/12/08Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-12-08 19:40:29
About Art – by Lev TolstoyA work of art can be good or bad depending on what says, how he …2017/12/04Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-12-04 02:23:05
Walk In the Light While There Is Light – by Lev TolstoyA Story of Early Christian Times 33. Hear another parable. There was an owner of …2017/12/02Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-12-02 19:14:43
Why the Christian people are in such distress now – by Lev TolstoyPeople peacefully live and act in accordance with each other only when they are connected …2017/11/30Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-30 20:24:31
Iconic Soviet actor & bard Vladimir Vysotsky – his both life and funeral were hoaxes1. Vladimir Vysotsky – who is he? [Читайте и смотрите на русском: Владимир Высоцкий обманул …2017/11/23Truth Seeking2017-11-23 22:50:19
An Indian and an Englishman – by Lev Tolstoy(The true story) The Indians during war have captured a young Englishman, tied him to …2017/11/22Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-22 02:46:28
A Hut and a Palace – by Lev TolstoyOne king built himself a palace and before the palace made a garden. But at …2017/11/18Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-18 01:23:49
January 12, Education Day – by Lev Tolstoy“What can be more awful than country holidays?” Nothing expresses more clearly all the craziness …2017/11/17Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-17 16:03:18
The Christian Teaching – by Lev TolstoyThe Christian Teaching By Lev Tolstoy [Download this book in full in ePub, Kindle, or …2017/11/16Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-16 16:39:40
Forward to article “On Revolution” (written by V. G. Tchertkoff) – by Lev Tolstoy[In this article, Lev Tolstoy elaborates on the most effective way of achieving true FREEDOM, …2017/11/12Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-12 20:11:57
The three questions – by Lev TolstoyOnce a King thought that if he would always know the right time when to …2017/11/09Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-09 17:25:09
The Apostle John and the Robber – by Lev TolstoyAfter Jesus Christ’s death his disciples went to different lands, preaching his teaching in words …2017/11/09Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-09 02:51:43
Soviet Union Gender Hoax in 1944  “Woe unto him, who sets borders on earth and divides peoples. For there are …2017/11/07Truth Seeking2017-11-07 02:57:39
A Grain as Big as a Hen’s Egg – by Lev TolstoyOne day some children found, in a ravine, a thing shaped like a grain, with …2017/11/01Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-01 16:19:25
A talk among leisured people – by Lev Tolstoy(A prologue to the story “Walk in the light.”) Guests once gathered at a wealthy …2017/11/01Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-11-01 16:08:06
Never be lied to again on YouTube Chat!  How-to verify if your messages on chat are not filtered out? We often observe …2017/10/31Truth Seeking2017-10-31 19:36:35
Raw vegan cult derails people from true life purpose  The idea for this video came to us after we’ve received new DVD with …2017/10/30Truth Seeking2017-10-30 01:09:56
Lost Pages of Gospel – True Christ TeachingThe True Teaching of Jesus Christ 1. Those of you who pray more than the …2017/10/28Truth Seeking2017-10-28 13:39:51
What people live by – by Lev Tolstoy“We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the …2017/10/21Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-10-21 01:06:19
Bloomberg Global News LIVE Chat – faking news – blocking TruthBloomberg Global News LIVE pushes their own propaganda on masses, have deleted all our messages …2017/10/19Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing2017-10-19 20:52:26
Two different versions of story of a hive with linden cover – by Lev TolstoyThe first version [of the history] of the hive with linden cover was compiled by …2017/10/16Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-10-16 19:33:14
Homework Radio Lofi Kills the Free SpeechThis Lofi Homework Radio has several chats running on YouTube. Not the first time they’re …2017/10/15Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing2017-10-15 17:32:47
Alex Jones (and Ron Gibson) InfoWars – Info HOAX – Bans the TruthToday we’ve got banned on InfoWars Youtube live chat – of so-called truther and human …2017/10/13Truth Seeking2017-10-13 16:18:59
66 million repressed LIE – Soviet GULag HOAX by Solzhenitsyn – Putin includes in school programNow, our story with raising attention to Tolstoy’s work now hit an interesting point. Trolls …2017/10/12Truth Seeking2017-10-12 19:01:32
Google teases with Flat Earth model and Nansen passportWe found an interesting image on Google Search today. Notably, it reminded us of three …2017/10/10Truth Seeking2017-10-10 17:04:49
Authority Informs: All Churches are the Governmental Apparatus to Hide God. Tolstoy Was RightV.A. Yefimov gives this lecture at FSB (Russian’s Federal Security Service) meeting: How the creation …2017/10/04Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-10-04 17:24:29
The coffee-house of Surat – by Lev Tolstoy(After Bernardin De Saint-Pierre) In the town of Surat, in India, was a coffee-house where …2017/10/03Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-10-03 23:59:12
Esarhaddon, king of Assyria – by Lev TolstoyEsarhaddon, the Assyrian king, had conquered King Lailie’s dominion; he ravaged and burned all the …2017/10/03Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-10-03 01:23:49
The Three Hermits – By Lev TolstoyAnd in praying use not vain repetitions, as the pagan do: for they think that …2017/10/01Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-10-01 23:09:54
Foe is cunning, but God is strong – by Lev TolstoyIn the old time there lived a good master. He had much of everything, and …2017/09/30Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-30 22:33:43
It Is You – by Lev TolstoyA tyrant called for a wise man to ask him, what is the best way …2017/09/29Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-29 20:34:02
Need It Be So? – by Lev Tolstoy1 Amidst fields there stands an iron foundry, surrounded by a wall, with incessantly smoking …2017/09/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-28 23:17:59
Superstition of the State – by Lev TolstoyContents1 I. The essence of the lie and the deception of the doctrine of state1.1 …2017/09/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-28 02:13:41
Master and Man by Lev TolstoyI It was in the seventies, the day after the feast of Saint Nicholas in …2017/09/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-23 18:30:23
The Poor People by Lev Tolstoy(Based on a story by Victor Hugo) In a fishing hut, Jeanna, wife of a …2017/09/21Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-21 16:52:31
The Traveler and the Peasant by Lev TolstoyIn a peasant hut. An old traveler sits and reads a book. Owner returns from …2017/09/21Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-21 14:45:45
The Imp and the Crust by Lev TolstoyA poor peasant set out early one morning to plough taking with him a crust …2017/09/20Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-20 02:13:18
Karma by Lev Tolstoy[“Karma” is the Buddhist belief that not only character traits of every human being, but …2017/09/19Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-19 20:28:59
ODD Reality “Truther” Allows No Freedom of SpeechToday, we’ve got more bad news – so called “truther” ODD site is now banning …2017/09/19Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-09-19 14:38:26
Lofi Hiphop Radio Chat Forces Censorship on True Cure Against AnxietyA person comes today on a live chat on YouTube, called “Lofi Hiphop Radio – …2017/09/18Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-09-18 20:37:36
Introduction to the Biography of Garrison by Lev Tolstoy(Letter to V. Chertkov) I thank you very much for sending me your biography of …2017/09/18Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-18 01:58:14
Where Love is, there God is also – by Lev TolstoyIn a certain town there lived a shoemaker named Martin Avdeitch. He lived in a …2017/09/17Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-17 19:19:21
After the Dance by Lev Tolstoy– Though you say that a man cannot, by himself, discern what is good and …2017/09/16Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-16 18:04:34
The Godson by Lev Tolstoy“You have heard that it has been said, an eye for an eye, and a …2017/09/15Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-15 20:01:46
Appeal to the Clergy1 Whoever you may be – popes, cardinals, bishops, superintendents, priests, or pastors, of whatever …2017/09/14Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-14 15:47:39
KJV Bible Chat engages censorship on Christ words about Spirit of God within eachBible-dedicated Chat handlers are blocking our messages with true words of Christ, speaking that the …2017/09/14Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-09-14 13:02:22
Khodynka by Lev Tolstoy– I don’t understand your stubbornness. Why do you need not to sleep and “join …2017/09/13Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-13 21:26:04
Fox News Live Stream Blocks Interest to Tolstoy!!!Today again YouTube Chat moderator on Fox News Live Stream immediately deleted a message from …2017/09/13Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing2017-09-13 16:12:11
Address to the Swedish Peace Congress by Lev Tolstoy(Also called “The Last Message to Mankind”) [Download in pdf, epub, on Kindle format] Dear …2017/09/12Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-12 14:21:57
The Two Old Men by Lev TolstoyJohn IV. 19 – “The woman said unto him, Sir, I see that you are …2017/09/11Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-11 18:47:44
Political Censorship – New Strategy – YouTube blocks people interested in TolstoyThe Wickeds of this world are changing their strategy I see – instead of blocking …2017/09/11Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing2017-09-11 18:12:55
From the Will of the Mexican King by Lev TolstoyEverything on earth has its limit, and the most powerful and joyful ones fall in …2017/09/10Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-10 19:15:19
The Bible Was Written Not Earlier Than 16th CenturyThe famous English writer Charles Dickens wrote in the 19 century a book called «Child’s …2017/09/10Truth Seeking2017-09-10 03:18:06
Françoise by Lev Tolstoy(Based on story by Guy de Maupassant) (I) On May 3, 1882, 3-masted ship “Lady …2017/09/09Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-09 14:50:56
Three Sons by Lev Tolstoy(The parable) Father gave his son an estate, bread, cattle, and said: “Live the way …2017/09/09Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-09 14:47:24
Another Example of Political Censorship on YouTubeSee the proofs how YouTube Chat moderators (“Hurricane Irma path COVERAGE stream”) filter all my …2017/09/08Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-09-08 15:10:26
Astonishing Creatures by Lev TolstoyThere are such creatures who all live off the land, but in order for them …2017/09/07Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-07 21:12:18
Epilogue to Drózhzhin’s Life and Death by Leo TolstoyEven Moses in his commandments, which were given to men five thousand years ago, proclaimed …2017/09/07Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-07 15:19:57
Facebook Blocks my 3rd Account for Reading/Sharing Leo Tolstoy writingMy story with Facebook was short. I opened an account about a month ago, shared …2017/09/06Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing2017-09-06 00:01:00
The Truth Hurts Facebook’s EyesI want to make this announcement to our readers. Yesterday night I’ve posted 18 parts …2017/09/05Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-09-05 20:09:43
Patriotism and Christianity by Lev Tolstoy[download e-book] The Franco-Russian festivities which took place in October 1894 in France made me, …2017/09/04Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-04 21:29:30
A Conversation about Science by Lev Tolstoy(1875-1876) June 4. Nickolaj Nikolayevich was invited by a neighbor. Evidently, the neighbor Ivan P. …2017/09/04Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-04 01:37:15
The Thief’s Son by Lev Tolstoy(Based on the story by N.S. Leskov “The Offended Him on Christmas”) Jury gathered in …2017/09/03Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-03 18:15:35
Ilyas by Lev TolstoyIn Ufa region, a Bashkir lived, Ilyas. Ilyas didn’t inherit any wealth from his father. …2017/09/02Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-02 23:32:27
The Big Dipper by Lev Tolstoy(A legend, from the English magazine “Thick Herald of Peace”.) Long, long ago on earth, …2017/09/02Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-02 21:55:05
The Stones by Lev Tolstoy(A Parable) Two women came to an elder for an advice. One of them considered …2017/09/02Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-02 14:31:37
The ending of the legend “Forty years” by Lev TolstoyThe ending of the Little Russian legend “Forty years”, published by Kostomarov in 1881. Since …2017/09/01Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-09-01 20:54:57
The Remorseful Sinner by Lev Tolstoy“And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom. And …2017/08/31Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-31 21:17:31
Little Girls Wiser Than Men by Lev TolstoyIt was an early Easter. Sledging was just over. Snow still lay in the yards, …2017/08/30Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-30 17:52:40
Two Brothers and the Gold – by Lev TolstoyIn old times near Jerusalem two brothers lived, the elder was Athanasius and the younger …2017/08/29Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-29 01:18:50
Archangel Gabriel – by Lev Tolstoy(Persian) Once Archangel Gabriel heard the voice of God from heaven – God blessed some …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 09:57:55
Time Has Come – by Lev Tolstoy[download the book in pdf, epub, or Kindle format] My life is coming to an …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 09:56:23
To Chinese people from a Christian – by Lev TolstoyArmed people who call themselves Christians now commit the greatest villainy among you. Don’t believe …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 09:55:54
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part XIIIPart XIII. The death of Socrates Socrates went silent. His disciples waited for him to …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 01:28:34
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part XIIPart XII. The last lecture of Socrates The day of execution came. Customary, they performed …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 01:27:40
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part XIPart XI. Socrates in prison Usually convicts were executed the next day after court, but …2017/08/28Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-28 01:26:38
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part XPart X. The trial of Socrates That’s how Socrates taught, and he had a lot …2017/08/24Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-24 01:11:17
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part IXPart IX. What everyone needs to know? Once Socrates came back from work and saw …2017/08/24Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-24 01:10:41
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part VIIIPart VIII. How people should live together Among those who came to listen to the …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:24:51
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part VIIPart VII. About the brotherly life Once Socrates learned that one rich merchant separated from …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:24:03
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part VIPart VI. Why Socrates needed neither expensive food nor rich clothes One time a teacher …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:23:16
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part VPart V. How to live in a family When Socrates began breaking away from his …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:22:39
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part IVPart IV. Who Is Better – Slave or Master? Once it happened that his neighbor …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:21:43
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part IIIPart III. How to manage people? Once Socrates heard that a rich man, called Glaucon, …2017/08/23Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-23 00:20:54
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part IIPart II. How need to live? On the square, Socrates met a young man, rich …2017/08/22Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-22 13:26:20
Greek Teacher Socrates – by Lev Tolstoy – Part IPart I. Socrates wants to know how people should live, and hears the voice of …2017/08/21Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-21 20:34:06
Work, Death, and Disease(Legend) [Download book in pdf, epub, azw3 formats] There is a legend among the Indians …2017/08/20Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-20 22:22:08
An Appeal – by Leo Tolstoy[Download book in pdf, epub, azw3 formats] We can no longer procrastinate or delay. There …2017/08/20Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-20 16:39:38
The Blessing of Love – by Lev Tolstoy(An appeal to people-brothers) [Download in pdf, epub, azw3] Dear brothers, especially those of you …2017/08/20Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-20 02:44:32
Works by Leo Tolstoy  To get a copy of any of these books in pdf, epub, or Kindle …2017/08/19Leo Tolstoy Writings2017-08-19 18:22:54
Destruction of Hell and Its Restoration by Leo Tolstoy(A Legend) [Download it in pdf, epub, azw3] (I) It was at the time when …2017/08/18Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-18 03:03:41
Love Each Other – by Leo TolstoyThe video above is just an illustration of Leo Tolstoy's will - for us to …2017/08/15Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-15 00:27:32
Too Expensive by Leo Tolstoy The True Story, Based on a Tale by Guy de Maupassant [Available for download in …2017/08/14Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-14 16:04:54
Trust Yourself by Leo Tolstoy(An Appeal to Young People) Trust yourself, growing out of childhood young people when your …2017/08/14Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-14 01:41:46
To God or to Mammon? – by Leo Tolstoy“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love …2017/08/13Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-13 01:10:40
Sandy Hook Hoax – Robbie ParkerWatch the CNN press conference. Pay close attention how it played out. Observe how the …2017/08/11Truth Seeking2017-08-11 16:28:46
Flow of Water – A Parable by Leo TolstoyOnce students found Confucius by the river. The teacher was sitting on the shore and …2017/08/11Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-08-11 14:55:54
Battle for Your Mind 2 – Persuasion TechniquesThe first successful brainwashing was applied to the Christians. What they do for religious or …2017/08/10Truth Seeking2017-08-10 23:48:24
Battle for Your Mind 1 – Televised Revivalism“In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or …2017/08/07Truth Seeking2017-08-07 20:11:09
See NASA Live YouTube Channel Is Afraid of Tolstoy!We’ve got yet another evidence of government hiding Tolstoy’s writings from people! Hypocrites, they pretend …2017/08/07Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-08-07 15:45:31
Song to Gagarin – First Among Many Who Didn’t Fly to SpaceThis video proves that the First Flight to the Space was staged.   In video, …2017/08/06Truth Seeking2017-08-06 18:41:32
Declaration of Our Non-Obedience to the Government and Refusal to Fund ItToday we have submitted this Declaration of our peaceful non-obedience to the government and refusal …2017/08/04Truth Seeking2017-08-04 00:21:12
DECLARATION OF SENTIMENTS ADOPTED BY PEACE CONVENTIONWe the undersigned, regard it as due to ourselves, to the cause which we love, …2017/07/27Truth Seeking2017-07-27 21:53:08
Answer to Ron Criss comment on “Tolstoyans” Facebook page regarding Leo Tolstoy’s mistakes and admirationsRon Criss wrote on 2017-07-25 on the “Tolstoyans” Facebook page: “I should clarify that, as …2017/07/26Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-07-26 17:07:37
Leo Tolstoy – Five Tricks of Religious DeceptionTruth needs no external justification and is readily accepted by all to whom it is …2017/07/26Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-07-26 15:53:20
Leo Tolstoy – Time to Come to Your Senses!                Alcohol ruins physical health of people, deteriorates …2017/07/23Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-07-23 23:22:10
Drink Dandelion Smoothie Every Day to Cleanse Your Body from ToxinsHello friends, Just wanted to step aside from spirituality and truth seeking and share with …2017/07/23Truth Seeking2017-07-23 19:10:22
Matrix – How They Fake Shootings and Terror Events like OrlandoWe found this video produced by ODD TV, and decided to re-upload it here to …2017/07/22Truth Seeking2017-07-22 21:22:53
‘First astronaut’ Gagarin didn’t fly out to spaceSee how the “First Flight” to Space was HOAXED. During interview, Helena Gagarina, daughter of …2017/07/22Truth Seeking2017-07-22 16:38:25
Why They at Still Don’t Like UsToday, has destroyed or account #10 at their video-sharing site! How come THEY at …2017/07/21Truth Seeking2017-07-21 21:39:50
Why Moses’ “my people” such wrong ideaContents1 Part I. Temptations of Patriotism, Fellowship, and Family2 Temptations of Patriotism Part I. Temptations …2017/07/19Leo Tolstoy Writings, Truth Seeking2017-07-19 19:45:42
Stephen Hawking HOAXThe entity known as “Stephen Hawking” is nothing more than a puppet of the lie …2017/07/16Truth Seeking2017-07-16 22:34:19
Crisis Cast ActorsThis video is based on promo. The Crisis Cast supply role-play actors to make …2017/07/15Truth Seeking2017-07-15 22:51:53
Song of Musicians of Bremen2017/07/14Truth Seeking2017-07-14 13:55:25
Asiana plane crash, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bing Bang theoryThis is an actual newscast from a San Francisco TV station reporting the names of …2017/07/14Truth Seeking2017-07-14 12:30:24
Baghdad Bombing HoaxIraqi forces enter Mosul in offensive against Islamic state after “fending off” suicide car bombs…2017/07/13Truth Seeking2017-07-13 22:28:28
Trancework 5 – Solutions against the Hypnotic DeceptionPart 5.1 Unethical Trancework is forced over people today “Masses are hypnotized to the degree …2017/07/13Truth Seeking2017-07-13 01:48:40
Trancework 3 – Hypnosis in Unexpected PlacesThe characteristics underlying trance states (altered states of consciousness) exist almost everywhere.2017/07/13Truth Seeking2017-07-13 00:45:33
Trancework 2 – Hazards of MindlessnessHypnosis is not simply a neutral, benign activity.2017/07/12Truth Seeking2017-07-12 23:51:56
Trancework 1 – What Is HypnosisAcknowledgement. We must give credit to the Wickeds for supplying all these wonderful ideas we …2017/07/12Truth Seeking2017-07-12 23:20:51
Shill, Troll, or anybody else – start your day with a SMILE!2017/07/11Truth Seeking2017-07-11 22:59:38
Trancework 4 – Russia Leads Hypnotism Business in the WorldThis is Part 4 (of 5) “Hypnotic World Conspiracy” of our Trancework story.2017/07/11Truth Seeking2017-07-11 20:40:37
Who are the Mannequins – Not just Shills and Trolls – Find outBased on the poem “The Mannequins”, by Vladimir Vysotsky2017/07/10Truth Seeking2017-07-10 21:08:50
LiveLeak Covers Up for PutinA Question to – why can’t Good and Evil have equal chances to speak …2017/07/09Truth Seeking2017-07-09 18:36:42
Flat Earth = 33, Scene in Dark City movie, explainedWatch how Globe transforms into Flat Earth, and the Earth becomes flat like a pancake! …2017/07/09Truth Seeking2017-07-09 15:25:22
Blissful Mister MannequinThis video is based on song “Ballad about Mannequins”, by Vladimir Vysotsky, 1973.   Lyrics:2017/07/08Truth Seeking2017-07-08 16:44:00
Just for Laugh – about a Legion of GatekeepersA Problem: How many fake Tolstoy’s accounts are required to undermine reputation of Leo Tolstoy …2017/07/07Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Truth Seeking2017-07-07 15:02:20
Song – Spirit of God is in All of UsPlease let me tell you how I feel2017/07/07Our Songs and Stories2017-07-07 11:22:53
TranceWork & NWO Mind Control Today – Wake Up, People!See our story about TranceWork enforced on all people today. Part 1. What is Hypnosis? …2017/07/06Truth Seeking2017-07-06 19:58:46
The GodFather Today – Who is Pulling Strings in the World?See our story about who is ruling the world nowadays.2017/07/06Truth Seeking2017-07-06 19:58:37
Why bans our songs?We only posted 4 songs which we wrote ourselves and – boom – in less …2017/07/03Truth Seeking2017-07-03 18:54:23
How the Wickeds tried to bribe usToday we have received a letter, commenting our video Manners Lesson to Shills, Trolls, and …2017/06/29Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-29 19:41:36
A History Lesson. Baikonur ISS. Flight to the MoonA Soviet time cartoon shows the truth about how “space exploration” was faked. To find …2017/06/29Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-29 14:06:57
Self-Reflection Lesson for Shills, Trolls, and Other Evil Spirits2017/06/28Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-28 22:11:50
Learn from Putin HIMSELF Who Is Ruling the World!Listen Putin telling a joke about a spy:2017/06/28Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-28 16:51:44
FSB Choice of Genetic Weapons – alcohol, tobacco, narcoticsSee the video below that features a clip taken from a Closed Session for FSB …2017/06/28Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-28 15:58:55
Manners Lesson to Shills, Trolls, and other Evil SpiritsGuys, let us live friendly!2017/06/28Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-28 01:02:37
Facebook Blocked Two Our Accounts In One Day…First Twitter blocked our accounts, then gave us a threatening phone call, then YouTube with …2017/06/27Resisting Evil Forces, Videos2017-06-27 21:35:53
Illuminati School for Shills, Trolls, and other Evil SpiritsI guess they give their sell-offs servants intense training on how “to love yourself and …2017/06/27Resisting Evil Forces, Videos2017-06-27 11:31:11
YouTube Is Shutting Us Up After Just 10 Videos!YouTube didn’t make us wait for too long, as they opened their classical “Violating Privacy …2017/06/26Resisting Evil Forces, Videos2017-06-26 19:34:52
The Rabbit StoryI was 24 years old. My parents became farmers on a very secluded and beautiful …2017/06/26Our Songs and Stories2017-06-26 12:46:51
Bullies of the WorldSee our video, based on Bill Hicks’ Puppet Show – “Bullies of the World”. Enjoy. …2017/06/25Duty of Peaceful Disobedience, Resisting Evil Forces, Videos2017-06-25 17:57:19
Why They Push Flat Earth On Us So Much?I think it’s fair to say that majority of people either Are convinced that indeed …2017/06/24Truth Seeking, Videos2017-06-24 23:48:03
Leo Tolstoy Teaching Is Guarded from PeopleTolstoy’s teaching is carefully guarded because it is dangerous for Churches and governments now more …2017/06/21Political censorship of Tolstoy's writing, Resisting Evil Forces2017-06-21 02:55:55
A Twitter StoryAfter spending about seven months on YouTube, I realized I’ve been fed with so called …2017/06/20Truth Seeking2017-06-20 21:29:06
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