Why Moses’ “my people” such wrong idea

Part I. Temptations of Patriotism, Fellowship, and Family

  1. Temptations of Patriotism

Patriotism, the most cruel and cold-hearted of all persuasions, is spread to people, just like false religions, by two ways of deception:

  • by instilling lies upon children, and
  • by impressing people with pride and pompousness.

From early maturity, almost every person gets sucked in National affairs, and lives under the impression that he is a member of a superior special people, state, country. And for the welfare of this country he must blindly obey the existing government of State, and be ready to torture, wound and slay the neighbors.

The lie behind the patriotism lies in the assumption that, for the sake of the welfare of your nation, you may disregard the requirements of conscience, and sacrifice your moral freedom.

Detrimental consequence of this belief is that as soon as we admit that we’re capable of knowing and understanding what constitutes the welfare of people, there is no limit to assumptions of what good can come out from any act whatsoever; so that any act may be justified, and at the moment a man assumes that the welfare or life of one man may be sacrificed for the sake of the future welfare of many, there is no longer limit to the evil that can be done in the name of such reasoning.

The first assumption (that we can know what is the best for many) has been responsible in past times for tortures, inquisitions and slavery, and in our time, for courts of law, prisons and landed property.

Acting on the second assumption — that of Caiaphas (that the life of one man may be sacrificed for the sake of the welfare of many) Christ was murdered, and millions perished by executions and wars.

To avoid falling into this error, everyone must understand and remember that before belonging to any state or nation, each of us belongs to God, as a member of a universal kingdom. And that you, – a soldier or a citizen supportive of your Government, cannot transfer the responsibility for the results of your decisions to anyone, you alone will always be accountable for your choices and actions.

Therefore we must, under no circumstances, prefer people of our own nation or state to those of others; under no circumstances must we harm our neighbors, not even in the name of future welfare of many; and no one should think that he has to obey anyone whosoever, especially when it’s contrary to his own conscience.


  1. Temptations of Fellowship

People think that if they join together in a group separate from others, and tie themselves with exceptional conditions, then, when they keep the bonds, they are performing such a good work that it liberates them from the requirements of conscience.

The deception of this assumption is that by entering into fellowship with a small number of people, men cut themselves off from the innate unity of all people, and then violate the most important natural responsibilities in the name of artificial ones.

This is harmful because people who’ve confined themselves to a certain fellowship, are no longer guided by the common laws of reason but instead by their own exclusive rules, they depart farther and farther from reasonable principles of life common to all people, they become less tolerant and more cruel to all outside their fellowship, and so deprive themselves and others of true happiness.

To avoid falling into this temptation, we must understand and remember that the rules of fellowships organized by men may be infinitely various, changeable and contradictory, but no made-up rule proclaimed by a man should bind us – if it’s contrary to the law of LOVE.

Every select union limits our circle of people and deprives us of the paramount source of goodness – limits our chances of loving relationships with all people on earth.

Therefore, we should not only refrain from entering any societies, fellowships and associations, but should avoid everything that may separate us from the rest of mankind.

  1. Temptations of Family

People can free themselves from various compulsions and addicted behaviors but a rare one from us is ever free from the temptation of family ties.

The problem with that is that when we, in the name of exclusive love for the members of our own family, excuse ourselves from duties to others.

In the name of that devoted love for our family, we get obsessed with ambitions and greediness, or just blissfully sink in the comfort of idleness and lust, and we see nothing wrong in that.

But this deception, virtue justifying sin, – when our animal instincts draw us towards the continuation of our generation.

Which is justifiable but only in so far as it does not violate love for the mankind.

The evil here is that, more than any other, it builds our attachment to property, strife among men.

When the carnal instinct of love towards one’s family is promoted as a merit and a virtue, it only diverts people from knowledge of the true meaning of life.

To avoid falling into this temptation, we must refrain from intentionally developing in himself this family love, from regarding this love as a virtue, and from yielding to it.

And knowing the temptation, we must be always on our guard against it, so as not to sacrifice the divine for the family love.

We can without caution love our enemies, unattractive people, strangers, and altogether give one’s self up to this love; but we cannot be careless in our love for the members of our own family, because it can be too comfortable and egotistic, this love leads to moral blindness, and justification of sins.

  1. To not to fall into this temptation, we must understand and remember firstly that love, which gives life and welfare, is true love only when it gratis: neither seeks nor expects nor hopes for recompense, just as no other manifestation of life expects recompense for its existence.
  2. Secondly, the love for your own family is an animal instinct, which is good only so long as kept within the limits of an instinct, and so long as you do not sacrifice spiritual demands for its sake.

Therefore, in order to avoid this temptation, we must try our best to do for every stranger the same that we wish to do for our family, and not do for our family such things that we’re not ready or able to do for a stranger.

We’ve came to the understanding – of rights & wrongs in regards to the relationships between people – after reading “The Christian Teaching” by Lev Tolstoy.

We can’t express well enough how grateful we are to Lev Tolstoy, without whom we wouldn’t understand the whole web of lies behind religion, spirituality and morality.

Part II. What does the Bible teach about choosing “My People” over others?

Wasn’t Bible supposed to unite all people?

How is it possible for God of all people to choose one nation over the others, as the Bible says?

The only reasonable explanation for why Bible would refer to Jews as “Chosen People of God” is that one nation has made up this story.

They’ve put this story in the book, called it “Holy”, and marketed it since as an “Infallible word of God”.

Why Bible is called “Infallible word of God”? Because people who wrote it said so!

Bible is based on idea of Jews being the “chosen people” of God because: – their elders (Pharisees) have wrote this book, after they’ve murdered Jesus who was exposing their lies, – as they have always been in power.

Richest people of the world keep spending their MONEY on the golden-embossed hard-covered books – their “Infallible Words of God” – to give them away for free as a FREE CHEESE, to hide the True God from people and to keep humanity deceived & enslaved!

See what Bible says about the Chosen People…

“For you are a holy people unto the Lord your God: the Lord your God has chosen you to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7-6)

“The Lord slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt…”, “but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.” (Exodus 13-15)

Bible says in Exodus that Lord slew all non-JEW firstborn sons!

“It was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth.” – Protocol of Elders of Zion No. 5-6.

And by the way… The word “Genesis” = “33”, according to their numerology… Bible is a fraudulent book!

“The Jewish religion has always been the study and explanation of those conditions which must be observed by a man in order to ratify his covenant with God, and to preserve the chosen nation at the highest level of its election.” (Leo Tolstoy on Religion and Morality)

But luckily, you don’t need a book to get to God! The Spirit of God is within you!

To understand God, instead of the Bible, read Leo Tolstoy “The Kingdom of God is Within You”!

Helping you to Wake Up,

Truly Yours…


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