Why They at LiveLeak.com Still Don’t Like Us

Today, LiveLeak.com has destroyed or account #10 at their video-sharing site!

How come THEY at LiveLeak.com still don’t like us, and only us?

We tried to be nice, very-very nice!

We wrote a few songs, and came to LiveLeak.com to share our love with all people…

And – BOOM!!! They didn’t like us again!

They’ve shut down 10 our accounts already!!! They don’t like anything about us!

So, for what did they ban us, “PERMANENTLY”? Maybe… for violence? Let’s see…

Hmm… Nope! We didn’t show any violence scenes… Then… maybe… for racial slurs?

No, there was no any slurs, either. So, why did you kill our 10 accounts, LiveLeak?

They’ve shut us down for LOVE – for our songs about the Spirit of God in Each Person!

LiveLeak.com cannot understand why they can’t kill the Spirit of God, – because, firstly, they need to feel this Spirit!

But you can – if you read “The Christian Teaching,” by Leo Tolstoy!


People – judge by yourself – here’s the list of our videos “restricted” by LiveLeak.com (so far available on YouTube.com):


Musical and fun videos:

Other videos – “citizen journalism” type:

The only videos (out of almost 50) left on LiveLeak:



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